Exhibition Events

The Exhibition included a number of events aimed at assisting different target groups (i.e. children, artists, the general public) to relate to and interpret the exhibition theme.

Guided tour of the exhibition in Athens, 21-01-2018

The psychologist M. Dialyna gave a lecture entitled "The stranger and us: Mental reactions, understanding and treatment" in the space of the exhibition, 03-02-2018.

The actor D. Giannouli presented the performance "Ark - 2" in the space of the exhibition, followed by a guided tour, 04-03-2018.

A school visit at the exhibition, followed by an art workshop, 12-02-2018.

An art workshop for children was organised, 28-01-2018.

Children art workshop, 28-01-2018

The Opening of the Exhibition in Athens took place on 13th January 2018. The Exhibition was open until the 5th March 2018.

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