Presented in 2018 | Greece-Bulgaria-Sweden-Poland-Italy-Romania

FAIDRA Exhibition: New Homelands

The Exhibition entitled "New Homelands" was realised as part of the project "FAIDRA: Family Separation through Immigration - Dramatising Anecdotal European History", supported by the European Commission and the Creative Europe - CULTURE programme.
FAIDRA Exhibition: New Homelands

Time & Location

Presented in 2018

About the Event

“New Homelands”. They encircle you or cast you away, offer you opportunities or defeat your dreams, become your own or stay foreign…

The immigration wave that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union was a shared experience of many member states of the European Union, which acted as host countries. It significantly changed the composition of their population, gave a boost to their economies, developed dynamic multi-cultural societies, but also heightened prejudices for the stranger, the “other”. At the same time, the humanitarian dimension of the adaptation and integration of the immigrants emerged as a determining factor in transforming the host country to a “new home” for them. The cohesion of the family plays an important role in this dimension.

The exhibition “New Homelands” turns the headlights to this feature of immigration: the separation of the family, sometimes its reunification, often its eventual split. Our goal is to highlight the issues that deeply affect the functioning and binding of the family in times of economic crisis – which inevitably leads to immigration.

The primary material presented in the exhibition was created with the contribution of the partners of FAIDRA project:

• CENTREDU – Centre of Higher Education in Theater Studies / Theatre Topos Allou - Greece

• PRISMA Centre for Development Studies - Greece

• Fundacja Dobra Wola - Poland

• ARTEMIS - Romania

• Teatro dei Venti - ΙItaly

• Sagohuset Theatre - Sweden

• ProRodopi Foundation – Bulgaria

This exhibition platform was created by PRISMA Centre for Development Studies and aims at housing the virtual exhibition and offering a forum for discussion and interpretation of the exhibition.

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